Beat the heat on the job with AIRSET – your go-to solution for staying cool and comfortable this summer.
We distribute the best high technological air cooling devices to be worn conveniently & comfortably.

Say goodbye to sweaty discomfort with our innovative Neck Fan and Clip-on Fan products, Used to stimulate powerful cooling breeze, up the neck and down your shirt, alongside your back. Its proven that these sensitive areas benefit in overall of cooling mankind significantly.

We have 4 Models which we have put to the test during the hottest of the Australian summer climate to give you the best results.

Our work force models are engineered for tradesmen, by tradies, our portable cooling devices are designed to keep you refreshed during those scorching workdays.

Tradesman's Choice: Neck Fan & Clip-on Fan Combo

Cool Where it Counts: Precision Cooling, Anywhere, Anytime

Built Tough for the Job site: Rugged Durability, Reliable Performance

Crafted from durable materials, AirSet Gear is built to withstand the demands of your daily grind. Whether you're in construction, carpentry, or any trade, our fans are your trusty sidekick for battling the summer heat.

☑️ Why AirSet products?

  • Unmatched Cooling Performance
  • Hands-Free Comfort
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Durable Build for the Toughest Jobs

Don't let the summer sun slow you down. Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay focused with us.

Order your own personal AirSet Device today and gear up for a cooler, more enjoyable summer.